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Papoozle - A hug above the rest!


From hanging out washing to tidying away toys, there is always a job that needs doing when you are a parent, and most of them are made significantly harder when you attempt then with a child balanced precariously on one hip.


There is no denying that babies love to be held, and why not?! After nine months squished inside a warm and cosy womb, a crib must seem rather large. That familiar milky smell, the beat of your heart, which was the first noise she ever heard and the warmth of a cuddle are reassuring, comforting and worth making a fuss about if they are denied!


The answer for a lot of parents is babywearing, and we at Papoozle know the benefits of this! One of life's little pleasures is hanging your cloth nappies out on the washing line with a small fluffy bummed baby curled up against your chest.


Ergonomic, supportive and easy to use, the Papoozle is a hug above the rest and our carrier is suitable from a tiny newborn up to around 35lb. It is comfortable for both baby and Mummy (or Daddy) and can be worn with baby on the front or the hip.


The combination of a padded structured waist and the stretchy fabric brings the best of both worlds and means comfortable cuddles for hours with no drooping. The design ensures baby is carried in the optimum 'happy hips' position with knee to knee support, and the soft padded straps gently cocoon a sleeping baby's head. The thick straps mean baby's weight is distributed across your back and your hips, making the carrier more comfortable for longer..


And if you have ever been in the position when you are running late, doing the school run or on the bus and your baby is getting hungry, then the Papoozle offers a comfortable and discreet breastfeeding position for little ones too.


The Papoozle comes in three colours; stone, teal and black, and is available to buy here.


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