Babywearing in Winter

As the weather gets even colder, there is nothing like snuggling up with a hot water bottle, and we love to do this even when we are out and about. Wearing your baby on your front not only keeps your tummy warm and therefore helps warm the rest of your body, but the hands free hugs are perfect for winter as there is no need to freeze fingers on a buggy. We know that how to keep both yourself and your little one warm whilst using a sling can be a challenge, so we wanted to share our top tips.

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*   A baby in a sling needs to wear one less layer than a baby in a buggy as your body heat helps regulate their temperature. As their legs are usually exposed though, we love tights or leggings under trousers (you can get some gorgeous boy tights now too), and baby legs, which are like leg warmers but cover the whole of baby's legs. Not only are they perfect over trousers as an extra layer, but they can be worn on bare legs in the summer too to protect little knees.

*   There are some great coat options if you don't want to wear yours open, from babywearing fleeces to jackets that adapt through pregnancy, babywearing and beyond. Whether you fancy making one of your own or choosing one online, they adapt as your baby grows and keep you both super snuggly.

*   Some mamas like to make their own, and a poncho with a wide enough neck or extra hole is a great option. To make a no sew poncho, use something like microfleece that doesn't fray, and just cut the relevant holes or slits into a large square. If you try back carrying, then wearing an oversized hoodie or fleece with the zip undone low, means you can pull it back too.

*   Whilst the sling is keeping baby's tummy nice and snuggly, it is their extremities that get cold, so some little mittens and a hat are definitely needed in this weather! A hat is better that hood for litttle babies as it is less likely to restrict breathing if they try and snuggle in and one that ties under the chin may stop them pulling it off. Some little booties are great too, especially if they come further up the leg and you can buy all sorts from little woolly slippers to thick waterproof booties.

*   Make sure you are wearing sensible footwear to cope with the weather. If it is icy outside then you need a good grip on your shoes to stay stable - (and do we need another excuse to buy some new boots?)

*   If you are out and about in the car, remember that children shouldn't wear coats in a carseat. If you can, climb into the backseat to transfer them straight from car to sling without being hit by the cold winter air. The Papoozle can be tied on before you go to get the baby, so he can slot straight in without having to fiddle!

How do you keep your little ones snuggly whilst babywearing?

Papoozle is named Mother & Baby 'Best All Rounder'

We love getting your feedback and we love it even more when Mother and Baby magazine prints your opinions so we were over the moon to see we made it into their February edition.  In fact, we were named as 'Best All Rounder' in an independent test ahead of many of the top sellers.  

It has been 6 years since our award winning carrier entered the sling market and we still feel a special connection to every single one we send out.  Being close to our babies is very important to us, from director Fiona whose son had life saving surgery at 2 days old, to a team member who gave birth 10 weeks early and wanted her child to be tucked up close whilst he grew stronger.  

Hands free hugs leave us free to play with older children, carry shopping or do housework, all the while knowing our little one is snug, cosy and close.  Our carrier is suitable from newborn up until 35lb, so it grows with your child and offers support at all stages with it's structure and padding as well as flexibility.  If you agree that the Papoozle is the best all-round sling then why not share a picture of you and your little one getting snuggly over on our Facebook page or on Twitter?

What Does Mother’s Day mean to you?


Mother’s Day comes around once every year, but we know what an amazing job mums do on all the other 364 days of the year! Our Mother’s Day will be spent with our loved ones and is the perfect time to reflect on how lucky we really are!



Here at Tots Bots HQ there are a couple of mums who will be experiencing their very first Mother’s Day – very exciting! We asked them how they felt as they approached this milestone and here is what they had to say:


It will be so exciting to celebrate my first Mothers Day with my little boy and my family. It just makes me feel so blessed to be a mum, I never realised how rewarding it would be and how much being a mum has enriched my life. Becky


With my very first Mother’s Day coming up, I’ve really found myself reflecting on my journey so far as a first time mum. I see myself a little differently from what I did this time last year, more humble and content.  My emotions are so much stronger too. It’s like I can feel my heart exploding with love every time I look at my little boy.  I know this Mother’s Day is going to be one that I will cherish, not because of the gifts (though a few more nappies wouldn’t go amiss ;-)), but because it reminds me that I carried, gave birth and am bringing up the most wonderful baby boy I could ever hope for.” Amanda


We also asked some fabulous mums what the day meant to them:


This will be number 3 for me and I cant wait for the year I have 2 kiddies running up to me shouting 'Happy Mothers day! Kate


For me it is about being surrounded by my children and my mum, and everyone spending lots of family time together. Jennifer


We’ve loved hearing comments from Mums and finding out what Mother’s Day means for them – it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. So tell us, is it your first Mother’s Day? What does Mother’s Day mean to you?


We’ve teamed up with our friends at TotsBots and decided to give a little something back to all the fabulous Mums out there! Here’s your chance to win an award-winning Papoozle baby carrier and a Trio of Easyfit nappies! Simple enter below by answering what your favourite thing about being a Mum is. The winner will be selected and announced on Sunday!


TotsBots also have a competition running on their facebook page - you can nominate a wonderful Mum and they will send them something fab! Good luck! Don't forget to join us on Twitter!

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Papoozle is perfect for newborns!


The Papoozle has recently been named the best sling for newborns in the ‘Baby Gear on Test’ feature in Pregnancy and Parenting magazine…whoohoo! We are really chuffed that our baby carrier has been recognised for its ease and comfort for both mum (or dad!) and baby, especially at that precious newborn stage. Having your baby cocooned next to you when they are tiny is such a great feeling and this proves that the Papoozle really is a hug above the rest!  Don’t forget, with its super soft fabric and excellent weight distribution system you can use the Papoozle right up to 35lbs giving you great value for money too! 


Hands-free hugs this Valentine's day!

At Papoozle we are big on hugs and hands free hugs are the best kind! For us, nothing beats feeling your little one snuggled up to your chest and close to your heart! We also like the added bonus that it makes us great multi-taskers - it really is a hug above the rest!


As the time to show your loved ones you care comes around once again we thought it would be a great opportunity to have a good Coo over your babies! So please share pictures of your little ones all snug as a bug in their Papoozles with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We especially love seeing Daddies wearing our Papoozles, there is nothing more heart melting! Dont forget to include #Papoozle and #Handsfreehugs so we can find your images!


If you dont have one of our fabulous Papoozles yet, there is no need to fear as we are doing a Valentines Day giveaway! Simply spread a little love this Valentines Day and tell us who deserves a hug and why for the chance to win!


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Papoozle Celebrates World Prematurity Day!

One of our favourite Papoozle lovers has kindly shared her story of when her baby boy decided it was time to arrive a bit earlier than expected. We’re delighted to share this lovely story with you all to mark World Prematurity Day. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!  

“Nothing can quite prepare you for an early baby.  Even if you have a few days to get used to the idea, like I did, it’s still like nothing you’ve experienced before.

My youngest was born 9 ½ weeks early after my waters broke.  I’d managed to keep him in for four days and he had had his steroids but he decided he was arriving anyway.  It was all a bit of a blur and he eventually arrived by emergency c-section with me under a general anaesthetic.

He was whisked away with neither of us getting the chance to see him.  A strange calm took over as we knew he was in the best hands.  My husband got to visit first and was given a photo by the nurses of a tiny cross person covered in tubes and wires.

I got to visit the following day and he had fewer tubes and wires but it was still rather odd.  There was my little (3lb 9oz) baby in an incubator with a machine monitoring all his vital signs.  Things occasionally went beep and bong but nobody seemed worried so I wasn’t either.  It was apparent from the very beginning he was a healthy little thing so 3 weeks and 5 days later we took him home.

The advice we were given was to treat him like any new baby so this was something I was determined to do.  One of the most important things to me was that he use cloth nappies like his big brother so he came home from hospital in a Tutti Frutti Teenyfit and , like any normal newborn, it wasn’t long before he pooped in it.

He was still only 4lb 9oz when he came home and seemed so little and fragile.  I’d discovered babywearing too late to enjoy it with his big brother but it seemed like the perfect solution for my tiny man.  I’d bought a Papoozle anyway and was eager to try it out.  Despite him being on the outside rather than in my tum, I could still keep him close and warm and snuggled and protected.

He’s now a very lively 3 year old.  I look back on his first few months and feel grateful for the excellent care he got, the kind nurses and supportive family and friends.  I am also glad I got those little bits of ‘normality’ like his tiny cloth nappies and the fact babywearing let me keep him close.

Sadly many babies born early around the world aren’t as lucky as my tiny boy so World Prematurity Day is an important day to raise awareness of the plight of early babies.  Please show your support by giving a hug to BLISS, wearing purple or going on a Little Lights walk.”

Papoozle are donating one of our award winning baby carriers for World Prematurity Day, only you have to tell us who it should be donated to.  Maybe a local sling library or premature baby support group? If your nomination is selected you’ll be sent a lovely TotsBots cloth nappy of your choice!




November 15, 2013

Papoozle Babyworld Online Reviews

When it comes to babies we know there are so many products out there it is hard to know what will work for you. Mums really do know best so we are delighted by the reviews of the mums over at Babyworld who have been testing out our new Papoozle. Their Mums Love award is more proof that Papoozle really is a hug above the rest. You can read the reviews here: