Papoozle Celebrates World Prematurity Day!

One of our favourite Papoozle lovers has kindly shared her story of when her baby boy decided it was time to arrive a bit earlier than expected. We’re delighted to share this lovely story with you all to mark World Prematurity Day. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!  

“Nothing can quite prepare you for an early baby.  Even if you have a few days to get used to the idea, like I did, it’s still like nothing you’ve experienced before.

My youngest was born 9 ½ weeks early after my waters broke.  I’d managed to keep him in for four days and he had had his steroids but he decided he was arriving anyway.  It was all a bit of a blur and he eventually arrived by emergency c-section with me under a general anaesthetic.

He was whisked away with neither of us getting the chance to see him.  A strange calm took over as we knew he was in the best hands.  My husband got to visit first and was given a photo by the nurses of a tiny cross person covered in tubes and wires.

I got to visit the following day and he had fewer tubes and wires but it was still rather odd.  There was my little (3lb 9oz) baby in an incubator with a machine monitoring all his vital signs.  Things occasionally went beep and bong but nobody seemed worried so I wasn’t either.  It was apparent from the very beginning he was a healthy little thing so 3 weeks and 5 days later we took him home.

The advice we were given was to treat him like any new baby so this was something I was determined to do.  One of the most important things to me was that he use cloth nappies like his big brother so he came home from hospital in a Tutti Frutti Teenyfit and , like any normal newborn, it wasn’t long before he pooped in it.

He was still only 4lb 9oz when he came home and seemed so little and fragile.  I’d discovered babywearing too late to enjoy it with his big brother but it seemed like the perfect solution for my tiny man.  I’d bought a Papoozle anyway and was eager to try it out.  Despite him being on the outside rather than in my tum, I could still keep him close and warm and snuggled and protected.

He’s now a very lively 3 year old.  I look back on his first few months and feel grateful for the excellent care he got, the kind nurses and supportive family and friends.  I am also glad I got those little bits of ‘normality’ like his tiny cloth nappies and the fact babywearing let me keep him close.

Sadly many babies born early around the world aren’t as lucky as my tiny boy so World Prematurity Day is an important day to raise awareness of the plight of early babies.  Please show your support by giving a hug to BLISS, wearing purple or going on a Little Lights walk.”

Papoozle are donating one of our award winning baby carriers for World Prematurity Day, only you have to tell us who it should be donated to.  Maybe a local sling library or premature baby support group? If your nomination is selected you’ll be sent a lovely TotsBots cloth nappy of your choice!