Babywearing in Winter

As the weather gets even colder, there is nothing like snuggling up with a hot water bottle, and we love to do this even when we are out and about. Wearing your baby on your front not only keeps your tummy warm and therefore helps warm the rest of your body, but the hands free hugs are perfect for winter as there is no need to freeze fingers on a buggy. We know that how to keep both yourself and your little one warm whilst using a sling can be a challenge, so we wanted to share our top tips.

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*   A baby in a sling needs to wear one less layer than a baby in a buggy as your body heat helps regulate their temperature. As their legs are usually exposed though, we love tights or leggings under trousers (you can get some gorgeous boy tights now too), and baby legs, which are like leg warmers but cover the whole of baby's legs. Not only are they perfect over trousers as an extra layer, but they can be worn on bare legs in the summer too to protect little knees.

*   There are some great coat options if you don't want to wear yours open, from babywearing fleeces to jackets that adapt through pregnancy, babywearing and beyond. Whether you fancy making one of your own or choosing one online, they adapt as your baby grows and keep you both super snuggly.

*   Some mamas like to make their own, and a poncho with a wide enough neck or extra hole is a great option. To make a no sew poncho, use something like microfleece that doesn't fray, and just cut the relevant holes or slits into a large square. If you try back carrying, then wearing an oversized hoodie or fleece with the zip undone low, means you can pull it back too.

*   Whilst the sling is keeping baby's tummy nice and snuggly, it is their extremities that get cold, so some little mittens and a hat are definitely needed in this weather! A hat is better that hood for litttle babies as it is less likely to restrict breathing if they try and snuggle in and one that ties under the chin may stop them pulling it off. Some little booties are great too, especially if they come further up the leg and you can buy all sorts from little woolly slippers to thick waterproof booties.

*   Make sure you are wearing sensible footwear to cope with the weather. If it is icy outside then you need a good grip on your shoes to stay stable - (and do we need another excuse to buy some new boots?)

*   If you are out and about in the car, remember that children shouldn't wear coats in a carseat. If you can, climb into the backseat to transfer them straight from car to sling without being hit by the cold winter air. The Papoozle can be tied on before you go to get the baby, so he can slot straight in without having to fiddle!

How do you keep your little ones snuggly whilst babywearing?