Welcome to the brand new Papoozle website!

Up until now the Papoozle has been tucked away on a shelf in its very demanding elder sibling’s website, TotsBots. I have always felt quite frustrated by this, it’s such a great product and I know it deserved and needed much more attention from me.

With the management team at TotsBots HQ growing considerably over the last 18 months, this has lightened my workload and enabled me to spend some quality time with my beloved Papoozle. So, for the last 12 months, I have been working on developing the new site and improving the design. I hope you like my efforts. Watch the movie where I show it to someone for the first time here (Note to self: cut down on the biccies!). You can also read the story behind the creation of the Papoozle in the about us page.

I have made a few major changes to the Papoozle, the most important of which ensures that babies are supported knee to knee. I have also added in some lovely padding at the base of the fabric straps, to make sure your baby never gets red marks when being worn for long periods of time, and I also snuck some padding in at the top so that the neck straps won't rub on you either. Oh, and not to forget, we have a couple of new colours! Teal and Stone. We will be bringing more colours out next year so let me know your thoughts. Purple anyone?

Take care and enjoy your hugs with your baby. Everyone says it and it is annoyingly true, they are only little for a little while.