Papoozle Reviews

July 04, 2013


Carina & Helena

After trying many different slings, wraps and baby carriers, I was totally won over by the Papoozle's comfortable, fit and ease of use . The wide shoulder straps and padded waist band is soft and baby's weight is distributed evenly - I've never had any shoulder or back pain when using the Papoozle.

I find that when Helena is fussy, especially at the end of the day,  she settles within minutes of being close to me, snuggled up in the Papoozle.  She naps peacefully and I have my hands free.

When we're out and about, and she is being carried in the Papoozle, breast feeding is a breeze - no need for a muslin to cover up - the wide shoulder strap provides enough cover to keep me decent and her supported.

It comes with a handy pouch to store it when it's not being used.

Easy to use, safe and so comfortable

July 02, 2013


Morag & Hannah

The Papoozle has been great as it gives us the freedom to explore places we would otherwise be unable to go, especially when trying to travel light on holiday. Not only is it comfortable and my daughter is always happy in it, it also gives me my hands free for my other two children which is invaluable when crossing roads, buying ice cream and helping at the play park.

July 02, 2013


Ruth & Daisy

We tried several different baby carriers and this is definitely the most comfortable. It’s much less rigid than others which is great for Daisy and for me and keeps us nice and warm on a cold day! It’s great because it keeps your hands free so you can check your pockets and you don’t end up with one enormous ‘Pop-Eye’ arm where you’ve been carrying her for hours.