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This is Darach and he was my inspiration for the Papoozle. He was really unwell at birth and had to have life-saving surgery aged only two days old. It was traumatic. When I eventually got him home all I wanted to do was hold him and help him get better. I decided to carry him and bought myself a couple of slings to try. This was all fine for the first few months when he was little, but as he grew, so did the pain in my back.

I didn't want to stop carrying him as by that time I was completely sold on the benefits of baby wearing. So off I went inside my head on a little journey and eventually came up with the concept for the Papoozle. I took it to my team.

Like our washable nappy brand TotsBots (www.totsbots.com), we got the design right first time and the Papoozle was an instant success. It won the coveted Mother & Baby Gold award for Best Baby Carrier in the first year of its launch. We were amazed. The Papoozle has continued to grow from strength to strength and we decided in January 2013, it was time it had a makeover. We gave it some lovely new padding, some new colours, a wider seat and best of all, its very own website.

I hope you enjoy the Papoozle. I have had some of the loveliest moments of my life carrying my little ones. There is nothing nicer than having your sleeping baby next to your heart. Cherish those moments.

Fiona & Darach

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Using the Papoozle is easy - view how here.

The Design

Find out more about the design of Papoozle, wearable facing in, over hip or for breastfeeding, in three great colours.
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"Love the Papoozle, kept my tiny boy snuggly when he should have been in my tum." - Mum to Isaac and Haiden who was born 10 weeks early
"I bought my Papoozle at a baby show as I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable it was after trying it on. I use it all the time. I love the feeling of closeness and it is the best way to calm him." - Mum to Izzy and Seb
"The Papoozle made for a stress-free holiday with a newborn - he hated the pushchair, and would just sleep for hours in this while we were out seeing things. Loved it." - Mum to Abigail, Benjamin & Clement