Benefits of Baby Wearing

Why carrying is good for you and your baby:

Recent studies have proven, that babies who spend regular periods of time carried in a sling cry less than half compared to babies who are not. Newborn babies often suffer from colic and carrying them in an upright position can sometimes be the only thing that will soothe them.

The question we are asked most often is, “Will it make my baby clingy?” and this simple answer is no, it makes them more secure as they get what they want all the time, you. And you get what you want, a happy baby.

For some great information on the benefits of baby wearing read this fantastic article from the Dr Sears website -The Benefits of Baby Wearing.

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The Design

Find out more about the design of Papoozle, wearable facing in, over hip or for breastfeeding, in three great colours.
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"Love the Papoozle, kept my tiny boy snuggly when he should have been in my tum." - Mum to Isaac and Haiden who was born 10 weeks early
"I bought my Papoozle at a baby show as I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable it was after trying it on. I use it all the time. I love the feeling of closeness and it is the best way to calm him." - Mum to Izzy and Seb
"The Papoozle made for a stress-free holiday with a newborn - he hated the pushchair, and would just sleep for hours in this while we were out seeing things. Loved it." - Mum to Abigail, Benjamin & Clement