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Papoozle (t/a Tots Bots Limited)

Unit 2, 259 Summerlee Street

Queenslie Industrial Estate


G33 4DB

Company Reg No: SC254962 | VAT Reg No: 774 771 978


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Using the Papoozle is easy - view how here.

The Design

Find out more about the design of Papoozle, wearable facing in, over hip or for breastfeeding, in three great colours.
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"Love the Papoozle, kept my tiny boy snuggly when he should have been in my tum." - Mum to Isaac and Haiden who was born 10 weeks early
"I bought my Papoozle at a baby show as I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable it was after trying it on. I use it all the time. I love the feeling of closeness and it is the best way to calm him." - Mum to Izzy and Seb
"The Papoozle made for a stress-free holiday with a newborn - he hated the pushchair, and would just sleep for hours in this while we were out seeing things. Loved it." - Mum to Abigail, Benjamin & Clement