Papoozle Instructions

Please find a download of our step by step guide to putting on Papoozle in the facing in postion. All guides are supplied in PDF format - you can download the Adobe Reader PDF software for free from the Adobe website.


Download the instructions for Papoozle in any of the languages below.

  English  Download  Video Guide
  French  Télécharger  Guide de la vidéo
  German  Herunterladen  Video Guide
  Spanish  Descargar  Guía para el video
  Swedish  Ladda Ner  Video Guide
  Italian  Caricare  Video Guida
  Dutch  Download  Video Guide

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Using the Papoozle is easy - view how here.

The Design

Find out more about the design of Papoozle, wearable facing in, over hip or for breastfeeding, in three great colours.
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"Love the Papoozle, kept my tiny boy snuggly when he should have been in my tum." - Mum to Isaac and Haiden who was born 10 weeks early
"I bought my Papoozle at a baby show as I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable it was after trying it on. I use it all the time. I love the feeling of closeness and it is the best way to calm him." - Mum to Izzy and Seb
"The Papoozle made for a stress-free holiday with a newborn - he hated the pushchair, and would just sleep for hours in this while we were out seeing things. Loved it." - Mum to Abigail, Benjamin & Clement